The true benefit of Total Reward Statements

In the current climate, it’s not easy to allocate budget to new benefits, pay rises or other reward incentives.

Sometimes, a clear and succinct reminder of how the business already supports its employees is just as valuable as a new scheme or benefit, especially if it fast becomes ‘expected’ rather than ‘appreciated’.

The end of this financial year provides an excellent opportunity to remind your employees of the benefits and incentives that make up their own individual total reward package though a personalised Total Reward Statement.

‘Total reward statements (TRS) are used by employers to demonstrate to employees the true value of all their entire pay and reward package – which may comprise basic pay, overtime, bonuses, pension contributions, health benefits and more.’ – (CIPD, 2020)

Whether it’s your 1st time, or your 101st, it’s critical to get the entire process right – from data to delivery. A great TRS partner (like us!) can support the whole project, and deliver direct to home addresses or host them online, the choice is truly yours.

I’d like to produce a TRS