The return to the office

Whilst we’re able to work remotely, PES are continuing to do so. We’ve enjoyed getting closer to our colleagues – ironically by being physically further away.

Thanks to virtual meetings we now all know each other’s partners, children, pets and décor! Hopefully, we can implement a phased return to the office towards the end of the year, but like everything in the current climate, nothing is certain.

Although we have no concrete plans, it’s clear that preparation for the return to the office needs to start now, so Mary (who looks after our numbers) and Jax (who looks after our people) are trawling through the paperwork released by government, ensuring that we’re fully prepped for the time when this is possible.

In contrast, a few of our clients, like many companies across the world, are already taking their first steps to returning to the office. Some are using a rotational basis, some have the bonus of big enough office spaces that the whole team can return at once.

You might be ready to return next week, next month or next year. In any case, there are stringent guidelines that should be met and a lengthy risk assessment process that must be undertaken.

Jax said her biggest concern was ‘Worrying that I would ‘miss’ something and as a result someone may get ill.’

Thankfully, our HR consultancy have access to some brilliant partners, who are rolling out practical, invaluable advice and tools for any businesses looking to return to the office in whichever way works for them.

What tools and services are available?

  • Support with managing day-to-day health and safety challenges, including those posed by COVID-19
  • Pre-start up workplace inspections, ensuring controls are in place and will be effective
  • Risk assessments, workplace checklists and individual worker assessment templates
  • Guidance for communicating effectively with your people about any changes
  • Ongoing advice with an experienced and qualified consultant – on site or remotely
  • Access to Online health and safety training

Of course, we’ve digested and included all of the latest nitty gritty from the lengthy government advice so you can be assured that however you return to the office, the health and safety is taken care of. You can access a risk assessment, checklists for safe working practices and individual worker assessment templates from £400+VAT.

Please get in touch if you need further help on the return to the office following COVID-19, we’re on this journey with you and we really do understand!

If you’d like a free chat about the return to work, furlough or any other HR matters, Lisa has opened up her diary – there’s no obligation or sales pitch, just valuable, expert advice.

Lisa Trent is our HR guru

There really isn’t very much to do with people that she doesn’t know about! Whether it’s furloughing or people management, she’s on hand to help, but also listen.


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