Creating employee happiness

Workplace wellbeing is critical to business success, which is why we weave wellbeing into our technology, products and services.

People who enjoy coming to work are more productive and engaged. They work harder, contribute more and help organisations to succeed.

By introducing wellbeing initiatives, wearables and tracking through partners like Earthmiles, employers stand to benefit from fewer absences and claims on health insurances, increasing productivity and reducing premiums.

Really enjoyed the workshop, very relaxing, different from the norm. Very positive session.
Course participant Gloucester College

Three steps to a healthier business

Workplace wellbeing runs deeper than employee benefits. Our  employee wellness experts have a successful 3 step plan to help businesses implement and deliver a winning workplace wellbeing strategy.

Our workplace wellbeing solution begins with clear-headed analysis. What are the key business problems you need to address?

You might be worried about sickness levels. You may have noticed a dip in productivity. Perhaps you just want to attract the right talent with a package that beats off the competition. Whatever the business issue, that’s our starting point.

Step 1: Check

Once we understand your concerns, we’ll take the temperature of your organisation with a comprehensive wellbeing audit. That means asking employees through focus groups and questionnaires what could make their working life better. If there’s a gap between your expectations and their experience, a direct enquiry from an independent third party will elicit some honest answers.

Users receive detailed feedback at the end of the ‘check’ stage, plus access to our resources library with lots of information on a huge range of health issues.

Step 2: Plan

We’ll use our robust, evidence-based findings to develop a detailed, achievable plan. Here’s where the creativity really comes in. Throw your assumptions about wellbeing to the wind – our recommendations might be light touch, detailed or radical. Whatever we suggest, we’ll make wellbeing work for you.

There is no ‘off-the-shelf’ answer to increased wellbeing. Every organisation is different – so let us devise a tailored, measurable plan that will boost your employees’ wellbeing at a price you can afford.

Step 3: Deliver

With our unique combination of employee benefits, HR and wellbeing expertise, we can deliver on any aspect of the plan, from organisational change through to fitness days. Our wide network of partners means we can get the best deals for training packages, health screening programmes, exercise classes and more.

When it comes to delivering wellbeing workshops, we take the hassle of organising, vetting and finding top quality practitioners. If you want a one off workshop, a series of events, a wellbeing day or something in between, please get in touch.

I found the Mental Health First Aid course interesting and was pleased how many of our team contributed. The group activities worked well and were long enough to be beneficial but short enough to keep interest.
Simon Newing Managing Director

Mental health workshops

We deliver a range of mental health workshops endorsed by Mental Health First Aid England.

Our two-day Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) course qualifies participants to become Mental Health First Aiders. We also offer one- and half-day courses to help a wider spectrum of employees develop their understanding and reduce stigma around mental health. If we aren’t running an open course near you, contact us to arrange an on-site workshop for your employees.

The ultimate time-saving wellbeing tool kit

A subscription to the exciting new member of the Amba family, can help you create a culture where employee wellbeing is key – showing burnout the door, and bumping up productivity as a natural outcome.

To help you reach workplace zen, offers:

  • An interactive annual wellbeing calendar
  • Content for internal wellbeing campaigns
  • Wellbeing workshops and courses
  • Surveys and audits
  • And much, MUCH more…