Making the most of money

Making money work harder is something most people aspire to. With Lumina®, your employees can do just that.

Our platform offers access to technology-driven tools that help them save for the future and consolidate debt in simple, manageable ways.

While the hard numbers are important, financial wellbeing isn’t just about products. The key is to create a positive culture around money, and our financial experts are here to help.

Really relevant, easy to understand and engaging view on pensions. Opened my eyes to what next steps I need to take. Very good session - informative without being boring!
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Why does financial wellbeing matter?

Money worries can seriously affect productivity. Employees generally want more support with their finances than employers provide.

Improve your employees’ relationship their wealth and you’ll change how they feel at work. You may see a reduction in absenteeism as well as a boost in efficiency.

Holistic financial wellbeing

Our financial wellbeing team adopts a holistic approach to reviewing the financial culture of your organisation.

We take time to understand what existing benefits and activities you already have. This allows us to create and deliver a joined-up financial wellbeing solution that:

  • maximises your existing benefits
  • capitalises on technology
  • minimises administration
  • makes savings where possible
  • educates and engages employees.

Our financial wellbeing services

Our financial wellbeing services include:

  • a full review of existing financial wellbeing services and products
  • tailored recommendations
  • implementation of any changes (such as salary exchange)
  • workplace pension scheme review, administration and governance
  • financial wellbeing workshops.

Our main aim is to make life easier for you, and put financial wellbeing at the heart of your employee experience.

All financial wellbeing services are provided in conjunction with Amba People Ltd company number 04316451. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate employer advice for workplace pensions and auto enrolment. Amba People Ltd provide high quality impartial information and guidance but not FCA regulated advice. Any information you use or guidance you follow is at your own risk. We do not make recommendations on workplace pension default funds but will work with relevant third parties if this is required. There may be a separate fee for this service.