For employers, and employees

Working with our partners, we’ve created a set of benefits that employers and employees will love, because they echo the environmental, social and ethical values that they hold at home.

Employees access these via a gateway, where they can navigate to Total Reward Statements, HR systems, employee benefits platform and more.

This gateway and set of benefits is known as Lumina.

Lumina Health

Healthcare claims drive premiums higher and employers don’t tend to encourage healthier behaviours to limit future claims. We’re working with our partner, Healix, to provide a Multi-Employer Trust, owned by us.

As we own it, we can agree who can be a part of it and offer competitive premiums. It’s exclusive to us, so when our broking team undertake a market review, we can include Lumina Health as an option, and our competitors can’t.

By introducing wellbeing initiatives, wearables and tracking through partners like Earthmiles, the employers in the Trust stand to benefit from fewer claims, lowering the overall risk.

We expect that engagement with wellbeing will result in a healthier workforce and greater premium stability. If we work together, we’ll make it happen.

Lumina Save

A pension isn’t always relevant to the young, modern workforce who are starting a family, or buying their first home. Where pensions are relevant, funds may be invested in industries that don’t align with ethical values in other areas of life.

Lumina Save offers employees a range of finance products, not just pension. Options like Junior ISAs, Lifetime ISAs, Stocks and Shares ISAs might be more appealing to those saving for a home or starting a family than a traditional pension.

Where pension is the right (and legal) thing to offer, we work with our partner, Cushon, to make sure investments are environmentally and socially friendly. A good message for employees, and for CSR.

Lumina Planet

Generation Z and millennials are a huge part of the workforce and they’re here to stay. These groups of employees want to make a difference to the planet in more than just their home lives. They bring the values they have at home to work and expectations on employer provided benefits are changing.

We’re working with our partners Pure Planet and The Electric Car Scheme, to bring together a set of environmentally friendly benefits for employees, called Lumina Energy and Lumina Cars. There are options to lease electric vehicles and access to discounted energy tariffs with renewable energy providers.

Packs more of a punch than free fruit Fridays, right?

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