Know your people: leading Gen Z and Millennials

Good leadership has never been as important for business resilience than in the midst of the pandemic; from managing remote teams to guiding people through adversity.

Generation Z and Millennials now account for approximately 50% of the UK workforce*, so what do this group want from their leaders?

1. Ethical Leadership

Ethical leadership is the art of leading people and making good decisions based on a defined set of values, such as fairness, accountability, trust, honesty, equality, and respect.

Gen Z and Millennials tend to want to work for companies that choose to make a positive impact on both themselves, individuals and the environment. HR have an opportunity to ensure people are treated and rewarded in a way they believe and connect with.

2. Leaders who are inclusive

This group wants leaders who support a diverse and inclusive workplace. Therefore requiring business leaders to talk about equality, racism, and social justice, just to name a few. The best leaders will be thinking about, talking about and acting on these topics within their teams and perhaps wider into their communities.

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3. Collaborative leadership

This approach does wonders for improving employee engagement. Regularly seeking a diverse set of opinions and ideas from colleagues enables problems to be solved more quickly, and people who are trusted are more likely to take ownership of their work. We know that this group are eager to learn and move up or, move on. This, combined with real clear coaching and mentoring is vitally important to this group.

Truly knowing your people is the first bit. Taking action is the next step, and we can help.

*McKinsey report, 2020

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