Top tips for increasing employee performance

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Christmas is over and most people tend to feel a ‘little flat’ in the new year and whilst none of us thought it would happen again, some of us are starting another new year working from home where we can. Whether in person or from home, your approach to managing your people’s performance should be the same. Here are some top tips for increasing employee performance in 2022:

Arrange regular check-ins

This does not have to be daily, it depends on your team so speak to them and see what emotional support they need individually and as a team.  Bear in mind that if you are working from home, it does not suit everyone so some may need more support than others.

Set clear expectations

Set clear objectives and make sure they are in place with the team (if they don’t know what is expected, no surprise if not performing). Don’t forget to address anyone that isn’t performing well.

Give regular feedback

Give regular positive and constructive feedback, they need to know to ‘repeat the same’ of the good stuff and where they are going wrong, on the not-so-good.

Keep connected

Some of us are working from home, some in the workplace part-time – whatever your arrangements are, it is good to keep the team engaged. Arrange virtual ‘company events’ – we all remember the Zoom quizzes from the start of the pandemic – it’s time to reintroduce some activities to keep your teams engaged and enable them to see and interact with their other colleagues

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