In the last five years, equality and diversity have come under the spotlight more consciously and actively than ever before. The high-profile reporting on gender pay gaps, the MeToo movement, increased participation in LGBTQIA+ Pride by companies, and the wider community, and more recently, the Black Lives Matter movement all play a major part in this. These events have encouraged forward-thinking companies to implement equality and diversity programs in the workplace as they understand the benefits.

This webinar is for organisations who are striving to have a workforce that is diverse and represents the true brilliance of the beautiful world we work in, we will talk you through some practical steps you can take to plan and move towards this.

The panel:

  • Lisa Trent – HR Business Partner, Amba
  • Cathy Monaghan – Head of HR, Amba

If you’re a business owner, finance manager or if you are an office manager responsible for this area, join us.

If you’re interested but not able to attend, please register anyway and we’ll send you a recording following the event.

We will leave time for questions at the end, so if you have an employment question that you want to ask we would love to help you.