Free webinar series: How HR saved the world

The average UK pension member, through the companies their pension invests in, pays for 23 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year[1]; that’s equivalent to running 9 family cars or burning 1,100 coal fires[2].

But 99.5% of employees[3] don’t know the extent of the issue. However, the lid is beginning to lift and as employees get to know more, they are concerned and expect their employer to be doing something about it.

88% of employees said that they want their employer to take some sort of action including moving to a pension provider that is making a positive impact on climate change and nearly 57% want more transparency on how their pension is invested.

The panel:

  • Georgia Stewart, CEO at Tumelo
  • Steve Watson, Head of Proposition at Cushon
  • Tobin Murphy-Coles, CEO at Amba

We welcome HR decision makers, business owners and influencers who are passionate about making a step forward.

If you’re interested but not able to attend, please register anyway and we’ll send you a recording following the event.

[1] (Average UK pension pot is £87,947) x (FTSE 100 CO2e emissions of 480m tonnes / £1.8 trillion market cap = 0.265 tonnes per £1,000 market cap) = equivalent of 23.3 tonnes of CO2 emissions per pension pot.
[2] Environmental Protection Agency – Greenhouse Equivalences Calculator, with car emission calculations adjusted by Cushon to allow for relative fuel efficiency of US vs UK cars.
[3] Cushon research – December 2020.