Discovering wellbeing benefits

Unit4 is a leading provider of enterprise applications. The company is in business for people, putting employee wellbeing at the heart of everything they do.

Unit4 chose happypeople as their employee benefits platform and appointed PES Health as their specialist healthcare intermediary. Not only did we highlight ‘hidden’ wellbeing benefits, we helped Unit4 make real business savings.

PES provides a responsive, transparent and straightforward service. The Health team have been fantastic at introducing us to our third-party providers and increasing the visibility of the offer.
Kirsty Graham HR Manager

What were the challenges?

  • Unit4 underwent some restructuring and saw changes to its employee demographic, leading to a 10% increase in their Private Medical Insurance (PMI) premium.
  • Wellbeing budgets needed to be optimised to improve wellbeing outcomes without incurring major costs.
  • Unit4 wanted to raise employee awareness of the value-added products and services on offer and improve engagement with these benefits.

How did PES help?

  • Our solution to the PMI increase was to propose a health cash plan as part of happypeople. This provided some new optical, dental and wellbeing benefits, and reduced the PMI premium.
  • We ensured that providers engaged regularly with Unit4 to raise awareness about their services. For example, Health Shield ran a webinar to highlight the benefits of using the health cash plan.
Wellbeing is definitely on our agenda and PES has really helped us to make the most from our benefits. Our employees do value the EIS - it reassures them that we have their best interests at heart.
Kirsty Graham HR Manager

Highlighting benefits to save money

  • We also highlighted added-value services with existing providers. For example, Canada Life offers Early Intervention Services (EIS). We worked with Unit4 to optimise their use of these services, resulting in significant business savings.
  • The Canada Life team came regularly to client meetings with the Unit4 team, keeping awareness of their services high.

What was the result?

  • A saving for Unit4 of over £20,000 on their PMI premium  (by adding an excess to the policy which was covered by the new cash plan).
  • A further saving of £3,000 the following year, thanks to a recommended change to the  provider (and because minor claims were diverted to the cash plan).
  • 83% of employees engaged with the health cash plan (which includes wellbeing services such as counselling and alternative therapies, helping to boost workplace wellbeing).

In the year following increased awareness of Canada Life’s services:

  • 100% of EIS referrals were resolved without any claims being made.
  • 85% of EIS referrals resulted in a return to work.
  • Early returns to work saved 739 working days or £104,000 (based on previous averages and mean salary figures).

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