HR and health benefits broking

eXPD8 is a marketing and retail support agency with 120 central and field management employees, and up to 1800 field staff. Our HR team provide strategic and day-to-day support for the business. They run regular employee surveys with a different focus each time, and recently put the spotlight on reward.

The employee survey showed that health benefits would be very popular, so PES Health became involved to help eXPD8 find the right cover.

What were the challenges?

  • Private Medical Insurance (PMI) was already offered to the most senior employees, but there were no health benefits for the rest of the central and field management teams.
  • The company wasn’t confident that the right benefits package was in place for everyone but had no in-house expertise to evaluate possible options.

How did PES help?

  • Our award-winning health benefits experts conducted a market review of group health products on behalf of eXPD8.
  • We recommended a health cash plan that would make a wide range of cover accessible to all eligible employees. We suggested that eXPD8 fund the benefit up to the first level. Employees would have the option to increase their cover to higher levels for a small personal contribution.
  • We supported employee communications about the new benefit, arranging for the provider to deliver on-site presentations and surgeries.
We didn’t realise just how much difference the health cash plan would make on absence levels. Bringing a potential three-month absence down to three weeks is a fantastic bonus, and multiplying this by just three or four employees makes a big difference to a business like ours.
Paul Roffey Group Financial Director

A recruitment and retention tool

  • The health cash plan allowed employees to claim back everyday medical expenses like dental care, and access preventative treatments like physiotherapy. This made the cash plan a valuable tool for recruitment and retention, and a cost-effective solution for the business.
  • With health and wellbeing firmly embedded in the employee benefits offering, our HR team designed and delivered a new performance management system, mOTIV8, which embodies principles that promote health and wellbeing. By working together, our HR and health teams helped eXPD8 develop a joined-up approach towards building a healthier workforce.
By advising us to introduce a health cash plan, PES have helped us increase employee engagement and reduce the length of absence for some employees with mental health conditions. The cash plan is also a tangible addition to our health and wellbeing strategy and shows our employees that we really listen to them.
Paul Roffey Group Financial Director

What was the result?

  • The health cash plan is now clearly aligned with other benefits in a job banding system designed by our HR experts that clarifies the reward package for each band.
  • Since implementing the health cash plan, eXPD8 has seen a 10% reduction in absence rates.
  • The cash plan has had a notable impact on absence in a number of individual cases because it:
    • makes mental health support accessible and affordable to employees
    • avoids an NHS wait of 12 weeks for counselling
    • gives immediate access to treatment
    • brought several employees back to work after just a few weeks instead of three to four months.
  • Since the benefit was launched, just under 7% of employees have voluntarily upgraded to a higher level of cover.

An invaluable HR resource

Our HR team supports the eXPD8 HR function via a monthly retainer and provides additional support for many key projects.

“PES’s contribution has proved invaluable, which is no mean feat given the geographical scale of our business and that we have grown from five to 3,000 colleagues with a large number of TUPE transfers. Service has been excellent with the resource available when we need it, at a competitive price, and delivering all the areas agreed.”

Mark Thurgood Operations Director

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