7 considerations for flexible working requests

The easing of restrictions on 19th July is in sight, and we’ve already seen an increase in people submitting flexible working requests to continue working from home; in some cases, their home is now in another country.

Here are 7 considerations for flexible working requests:

1. Keep an eye on the clock, as there are time frames for dealing with a request.

2. They should be dealt with on a first-come first-served basis.

3. Each application should be decided on its own merits i.e. what is suitable for one role, may not be suitable for another role.

4. Discuss the request with your employee. It will help you get a better idea of what changes they are looking for and how they might benefit your business as well as the employee.

5. If working from home during lockdown has not provided the desired outputs, this isn’t necessarily because working from home ‘doesn’t work’ – set clear objectives and hold regular reviews to assess those objectives.

6. Decide what your business needs (understanding sometimes this could be different to what you would want) and a reminder you can only decline on 1 of 8 grounds.

7. If in doubt, use the trial period.

If you are considering introducing a hybrid way of working and need support drafting policies and procedures, we can help.

Lisa Trent is our HR guru

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