5 ways to train and develop your workforce

Whether you are training your employees to help them do their job better or developing them to provide personal growth e.g. promotion, new possibilities etc., the key is to continually provide them with additional skills and knowledge (and sometimes qualifications) which in turn helps the business maximise its performance.

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Here are 5 ways to train and develop your staff, without spending loads of money:

1. Provide learning sessions during weekly meetings

Use your weekly team meeting to teach your employees a quick new skill.

2. Learn how to delegate

Give your employees the opportunity to prove their worth by trusting them with a higher quality or quantity of tasks.

3. Provide constructive feedback on their training and/or development

Supportive feedback is a great way to give your employees the opportunity to improve. Keep it kind and specific, vague feedback is rarely well received.

4. Encourage self-learning

If your employee is learning new work-related skills, on their own accord, this shows a real commitment to their work. It should be praised and encouraged.

5. Provide shadowing or on-the-job training

Also known as ‘Work shadowing’. If your employee seems to be struggling you can pair them off with someone with a similar job, so they can watch and learn.

Where to start?

  1. Identify your training and development needs and look at any gaps that are putting your business at risk
  2. Agree a way forward to fill the gaps
  3. Don’t over-promise – people can aspire to be tomorrow’s leaders however some may not have the capability and for some may, the opportunities just may not be available
  4. Make sure that you review how successful your efforts have been and adjust the plan accordingly

If you want to explore other ways of training your people, we can help:

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