4 reasons why outplacement should be a part of your redundancy process

You’re going through an emotional and complex redundancy process and the people leaving the business are on a journey they may not have expected to be on. For your business and these employees, ‘outplacement’ is a part of the redundancy process not to be missed.

What is outplacement?

Outplacement is the process of supporting redundant employees by offering help both emotionally and practically to enable them to move on and find other work.

Outplacement is more than just the right thing to do, below are our 4 reasons why:

It reduces pain

Redundancy, in whatever scenario, is always a difficult thing to do and is often challenging for everyone involved. Outplacement can help both the departing employee(s) and the business.

For those going, it offers immediate help and support, some control over their future and something positive to focus on. For your business it can help support your HR team or managers who are ‘doing the deed’ – enabling them to focus on those that are remaining, safe in the knowledge that their departing staff are in good hands and getting the help they need to take the next step to a new future.

Gets the people who are leaving into work quicker

The expert help and guidance given by an outplacement expert will help those leaving to focus their time and effort in finding a new role more effectively.

It can help maintain productivity and engagement

Redundancy is often a lengthy process with most people needing to work until the end of the process, this could be for three months or even six. That is a lot of time for office chatter to be about people’s struggles to find a new role or concerns about the future.

This will all have a detrimental effect, not only on the work being produced by those going but also by the staff that are remaining.

Don’t forget, those employees that are lucky enough to stay will benefit from seeing their colleagues being treated fairly and given the help they need. This helps them respect and trust you, as an employer.

It help you with your reputation

A reputation or ‘employer brand’ can be compromised in a matter of moments; all it takes is a negative social media post or otherwise, and the damage is done.

Outplacement can help those leaving you to leave on a more positive note; by offering this it sends a feel good message about how you treat your people, even when you are letting staff go. This is worth its weight in gold.

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